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        1. DirectoryGift.com is the online resource for gifts. Provide personalized gifts, handcrafted gifts, party supplies, wedding gifts, gift baskets and useful information on this site.  
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          1StUniqueGifts.co.uk  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Hand-painted and hand-lettered for you, making special requests an everyday service - choose from door plaques, clocks, mirrors, moneyboxes, canvases and little art hanger plaques for their mini masterpieces.
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          AnnaBelleDesigns.co.uk  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Great gifts for all occasions. Many items personalised. Candles, Cushions, Glassware and much more.
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          BlinkGifts.com  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Photo gifts in crystal, engraved tankards, hip flasks and pocket watches for best man.
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          BlueBirdGardens.com  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Personalized double wedding ring quilts, personalized throws, personalized baby quilts, custom furniture refinishing kits, handmade gift ideas.
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          EmroyJewels.co.uk  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Handmade collection of Swarovski crystal jewellery is personalised to your colour preferences.
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          EngravedGiftsandAwards.com  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Engraved glassware-personalized gifts-glass etching: final cut deep cut engravers of crystal, glass and marble.
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          FridWowza.co.uk  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Design your own Frid Wowza exactly how you want it by choosing your occasion, material, text colour, personalising your message and uploading your photo.
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          Luckyframe.com  [Reciprocal Link] details
          Offers custom gifts such as personalized picture frames for all occasions.
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          Bellflower Books details
          Online tools enable you to collaborate and create beautiful books full of letters and photos from the people who mean the most.
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          Bridesmaid-Gifts.com details
          They are the online dealers in providing personalized gifts for Bridesmaid. Buy bridesmaid jewelry, shoes and dresses online.
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